(Перевод на английский язык: Николай Лавров)
There are so many cars on the roads
And they move in the streets so slowly
And all Moscow's covered by snow
So to school all schoolchildren don't go.
Five kilometers separate us
I would come to your place now, however,
There are so many traffic jams thus
I cannot anyhow get there
It has snowed for three
Days without end
There without me
How are you my friend?
But it's certainly quite clear that
Snowfall is not really the reason
To your place I can easily get
Even now it is such easy business
Five kilometers separate us
Our houses are in field of vision
But we can't visit each other just
Cause it was our own decision
All street lanterns have lit up and wink
And the dusk's getting darker and darker
Turning into the flows of ink
And the habitat for getting drunken
And perhaps I could lightly forget
What has happened and live on without
Any love, any hate or regret
But I'd have nothing to sing about.