(Перевод: Николай Лавров)
It will leave, just half a minute and the train will leave
And the door will close quietly with a sigh with grief
And night fades its lilac’s going really transparent
When I see you stay on platform sorrow I conceive
Drizzle is beating on the pane and I see bushes pass
And the landscape vague on canvas of the window glass
Arteries of rowans which are sliding in the cold
Through dumb fair of leaves that are still falling on the grass
Quietly falling leaves will whirl the trees, we can't any more get back it means.
In the snow like in sable coat married lady autumn'll sink
From grey silence snow will soon fall down
on the red and yellow grass like crown
And there is on rivers all below snow...
To forget about everything, look into eyes
No more hurry up and at that moment live our lives
Make a step and stop to breathe just getting through the gate
And to think of nothing just look at the snow and wait...
It will leave, just half a minute and the train will leave...